1. Impact video for the University of Texas 2017. Interview footage by Tim Ristow.
    U.T. Thanks Day
  2. Trailer promoting Athletic Hall of Fame event for Concordia University Texas.
    Hall of Fame
  3. Story about West Texas based Lutheran Literacy Project.
    Mission Story Minute | documentary
  4. Two members share anecdotes and reflections about the history of St. John Lutheran Church in Uhland, Texas on its 125th anniversary. Excerpt.
    125 | documentary
  5. Short introductory promotional for Lutheran evangelism program.
    Evangelism 101 (A) | documentary
  6. Building campaign video for Redeemer Lutheran Church in Austin.
    Love Builds | campaign
  7. Colorful animated overview of financial IRA's for Texas Church Extension Fund.
    Simplify & Trust | explainer
  8. Third in a series of mini-docs promoting evangelism program.
    Evangelism 101 (C) | documentary